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Sunday 23rd December – The Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Fourth Sunday of Advent
Sunday 23rd December 2018

Today: 9am Holy Communion
11am The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols
No Evening Service

Monday 24th December – Christmas Eve
11.30pm Holy Communion by candlelight

Tuesday 25th December – Christmas Day
10am Holy Communion

Next Sunday: 9am Holy Communion
11am Morning Prayer
(Epistle: Colossians 3:12-17; Reader: Graham Patterson)                                                                                                                                No Evening Service

SCRIPTURE READINGS: Micah 5:2-5a (OT page 793);
Hebrews 10:5-10 (NT page 213); Luke 1:39-45 (NT page 54).

BIBLE READING GUIDES: Copies of ‘Daily Bread’ for January – March, the Scripture Union Bible reading guide, will be available from today. The four quarterly copies cost £18, (£4.50 each). Money should be placed in a marked envelope and given to the churchwardens or me by 6th January. *Please let me know soon, if you no longer wish to receive the guides. *If you would like to consider using the guide, a sample copy (snowdrops on cover) is on the porch table for you to have a look at. Please contact me by phone if you wish to begin or stop using the guide. Thank you. Nola Nixon (Tel: 3884 1550)

BLACK BAG COLLECTION: We have extended our black bag collection to the end of December. Bags of unwanted clothes, paired shoes and curtains can therefore be left in the porch of the Parish Hall anytime during the next few weeks. No ripped or dirty clothes, ladies boots, quilts or pillows please. Thanks.

WATCHNIGHT SERVICE: On New Year’s Eve (31st December) there will be a Watchnight Service in St. Paul’s Church, Gilford at 11.30pm. Everyone welcome.

FLOWER LIST: The new flower list for 2019 is on the notice board in the Church porch. Please check it and if anyone wishes to change a date please let me know. Also we do have a lot of vacancies if anyone would like to take a space. Thank you. Beth Wortley.

AMBASSADOR MAGAZINE: There are some spare copies of the Ambassador (the Armagh Diocesan Magazine) which are on the table in the Church porch. Anyone who is interested in getting a regular copy of the magazine is welcome to take one of the spare magazines. Magazine orders should be given to Mrs Joanne Craig. Thanks.

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM THE PSNI: As Christmas rapidly approaches, it is a sad truth that there are some who don’t embrace the festive spirit; in fact the real reason for the season could not be further from some people’s hearts as they seek to exploit others for their own criminal gains. Recently we have had a number of opportunist ‘smash and grab’ type incidents in Church car parks during services. Some of these have been in Craigavon area; however there have been isolated opportunist incidents across the country. Losing your wallet, phone, handbag, IPad, Sat Nav, jewellery or indeed any item at this time of year is particularly frustrating but it is also entirely avoidable!
Please take these simple steps:
• When you park, NEVER leave any valuables in view or on show. Whether its cash, a phone, a laptop or a wallet- if thieves can see it, they will take it. Either bring it with you, or leave it safely at home. If you must have them in the car, keep them out of sight in the boot.
• DO NOT forget the Sat Nav! Take it down and put it in the glove box or boot.
• ALWAYS ensure you have locked your car, making sure windows are up as well.
• If you see suspicious activity around car parks, report it to police IMMEDIATELY by calling 101, or in the case of a crime in progress, 999.
Merry Christmas from all at Crime Prevention Advice.

FROM THE RECTOR: Many thanks to everyone for their kindness, support and prayers during my recent period of recovery from surgery. All the cards, messages and gifts were greatly appreciated. Thank you to the Churchwardens, Select Vestry, Parish Readers, the Revd Sam Black and everyone else who kept everything ticking along as normal during the last four weeks. Also, sincere thanks to the Revd Graham Spence for providing pastoral cover in the Parish during the last month.

WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENT SHEET: Information and articles to be included on the weekly announcement sheet should be sent to the Parish email address by Thursday evening. Thanks.

FREEWILL OFFERING: Any parishioners who do not currently use Freewill Offering envelopes or monthly Standing Order and would like to do so, please contact Mrs Ann Liggett (Tel: 3833 8002 ) or Tom McCord (Tel: 3884 1021). All Freewill Offerings for 2018 must be received on or before the 31st December 2018 in order to be included in the accounts for the year 2018. This is due to the Charity Commissions regulations.

FWO ENVELOPES: The new Freewill Offering Envelopes for 2019 are now ready for collection and distribution and can be found at the back of Church. Thanks.

SICK & BEREAVED: If you know of any parishioners who have been unwell recently, bereaved or who would appreciate a home visit please let the Rector know.

23rd 9 Lessons & Carols
30th Graham Patterson

6th Mrs Anna Laverty
13th Mrs Amanda Heyburn
20th S-Club
27th Ms Nola Nixon

6th Mrs Beth Wortley
13th     –
20th Mrs Laverne Saunders
27th     –